Do any of these sound familiar?

I don’t have time to get everything done on my list. It’s a mile long!

Twitter is a monster, and I have no idea how to tame it!

I don’t have the time or patience to try to figure out Facebook’s algorithm changes! 

I know Pinterest is important, but It’s just NOT.MY.THING!

virtuallyunleashed flower boquet

I get it I really do. There’s not enough time in a day much less the week, to keep updated on social media, create strategies, content, blog posts, respond to comments and message, or keep your website updated, etc…

Especially, if you’re one of those people who still have a 9 to 5, plus you’re trying to run an online business. This can get pretty hectic really quickly.

I’d love to help you Unleash Your Workload, and take some of the daunting tasks off your plate, so you can focus on the tasks that only YOU can do!

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Meet Kristi Wheeler

Hi I’m Kristi. I’m a wife and mother of three giant teenage boys. I love to cook, crochet, sew, and I’m a crazy chicken lady! I started blogging in 2014. I’ve helped people along the way. I decided that helping other people is a huge passion of mine and that I would love to turn into a business. I can’t wait to meet you and see how I can help you grow your business!

Want to chat about my services, and how I can help you grow your business?

I offer a FREE 30 minute consultation to help us get to know each other and see if we’d make a good team!

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Yes. Signing a contract is non-negotiable

Yes. Six months is the minimum I recommend. Social media is a long game. Results aren’t always instant. I’ve had pins go viral a year after they were first pinned. Six months is a minimum, but to maximize results think longer!

First, we need to get you scheduled for a FREE 30 minute consultation! This is where we get to know each other, plus I get to know a little bit about your business and your needs. If you HATE talking on the phone, I feel ya! We can also do a discovery chat on messenger, if you’d rather that!

No you don’t! Of course not. If you hate speaking on the phone we can chat on messenger instead! I’m happy to oblige.

First, I’ll send over an invoice to keep for your records. We accept Paypal. Paypal accepts all kinds of credit cards or even a bank account.